Q. - What do I need to start a preliminary research?


Q. - In order to initiate a preliminary research you must send us the full name, birthplace, date of birth and parents' names of the person on whom the research will start and who should be someone born in the second half of the twentieth century. For this purpose you can fill in the online form or write directly to  info@progenea.com.



Q. - What is the delivery deadline for a preliminary research report?


A. - The deadline for the delivery of the final report is 5 months, but in most cases it will be possible to deliver them in up to 3 or 4 months after the research started. These deadlines are essencialy due to the deepness of this kind of research and to the fact that sometimes there is a need to do research in several regional Archives.



Q. - How many of my ancestors will be identified on a preliminary research?


A. - The default number of ancestors identified in a preliminary research is 126, which includes both parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents, 32 g-g-great-grandparents and 64 g-g-g-great-grandparents. This number may be slightly exceeded, but may also not be met, in case one of the following two situations occurs: if the ancestors were not born in the Portuguese continental territory or if one the ancestors is declared to have been left for adoption or has their parents declared as unknown on Church records.



Q. - What information will I get about each ancestor identified in the final report?


A. - The amount of information on occupations, professions and/or socio-economic status of the individuals identified in preliminary researches depends largely on what can be extracted from the parish records consulted. The detail with which these records were written depended largely on the care and personal commitment of their writer, so sometimes records are very detailed in the books of a particular parish while in a nearby parish records are very short and summarized. The basic biographical data are the full names and places of birth of all individuals identified, dates of birth and/or baptism and marriage up to the generation of the great-great-grandparents and in some cases the dates and places of marriage of some g-g-great grandparents.



Q. - In the context of a one-time research, what information must I send about my Portuguese ancestor?


A. - The methodology for the one-time research is adaptable to the level of detail of information provided at the outset. Ideally the data would include the full name, date and parish of birth of the ancestor born in Portugal, as well as the names of his/her parents. Since most people do not have access to all these details, you should send those who have as well as any other information that can be useful like the approximate date of arrival to your country or their region of origin.



Q. - What is the delivery deadline for a One-time research?


A. -  The deadline for communicating the result of a one-time research is one month, but in most cases it will be done in about two weeks after the research is ordered.



Q. - The order of a one-time research and its acceptance by ProGenea.com is a guarantee that the record I need will be located?


A. - No, ProGenea.com's genealogists can not guarantee the success of any research. However, the acceptance of any order will be preceded by a preliminary assessment of the information provided and by an assessment of the research’s feasibility. Only those cases in which success is expectable will be accepted.



Q. - If the one-time research is successful, will I receive a certificate to attach to nationality aquisition application process?


A. - Yes, the price of the one-time research already includes a legal certificate and postage to anywhere in the world.



Q. - If the one-time research is not successful, will I have to pay the full cost?


A. - No, the order of a one-time research only implies the payment of a non-refundable deposit of €50. The rest will only have to be paid in case of success.




If you have any doubts please write to info@progenea.com