Preliminary Research

Consists of a study covering 7 generations, with the identification of about 126 ancestors of any person born in Portugal in the second half of the twentieth century. The research is based mainly on parish baptism and marriage records, from where one can draw the biographical data of the persons concerned, their places of birth and sometimes their occupations and other indicators of their social-economic status.


Research reports invariably include a genealogical text based on the data collected, illustrated with genealogical trees produced with a specific software for this purpose. The data contained in the mentioned genealogical text and trees is fully supported by photocopies of the documents consulted (attached to the report) with archival quotes as footnotes, according to the rules of scientific work.

The investigation based on parish records is further complemented by research in specialized literature.


Specific Research

Consists in the study of specific branch(es) of your ancestry. The results of this kind of research vary considerably according to the objectives set but also according to the existence and state of conservation of documents to be researched.

Thus, the commissioning of specific researches necessarily imply a previous discussion of their objectives with the responsible genealogist, which analyzes its feasibility. Orders should be made in modules of 15 hours of work, which entail the visit to one single Archive per module.

One-time research

Consists in the research of only one document and is directed mainly at foreigners wishing to obtain birth certificates of their Portuguese ancestors with the objective of attaching them to an application for nationality acquisition in Portugal. guarantees absolute confidentiality of all work done, which can only become public through the customer's express agreement.