Illuminated Coat-of-arms

Coats of arms have medieval origins but are still used today as symbols of individual distinction. Based on the arms of ancient lineages, each coat-of-arms must be a single heraldic composition, identifying its bearer. ProGenea.com’s heraldrists combine deep knowledge of the strict rules of heraldic design in terms of proportions of the various components and metal and enamels to be used, with an artistic sensibility that adds special beauty to their productions. The illuminated coats-of-arms are displayed in Fabriano paper, with the approximate size of 35cm x 30cm and are all hand painted with gouache and Chinese ink. 


Signet ring Coat-of-Arms

Drawing coats-of-arms or other heraldic composition for being recorded on signet rings, has its own rules. ProGenea.com’s heraldrists know the requirements of best engravers and are able to produce drawings in Chinese ink that transmit the necessary information for high quality engravings.



Genealogical Tree

Drawing a genealogical tree implies a prior analysis of the family branches to be presented, the biographical information to be included for each individual and the decorative elements that illustrate each of these lines of descent. According to this analysis, the heraldrist will study the graphic composition of the tree and present you the respective budget.





ProGenea.com guarantees absolute confidentiality of all work done, which can only become public through the customer's express agreement.