About us

ProGenea.com was created in 2001 and aims at providing specialized professional services in heraldry design and in Portuguese family history and genealogical research. Throughout its existence, we have been providing those services to individuals and national and international institutions, fulfilling our mission of recovering the hidden or forgotten pieces of our history.


ProGenea.com's professionals are independent workers who are also involved in university lecturing and/or scientific investigation in the fields of History and Sociology in the case of genealogists and in the field of Drawing and Painting in the case of the heraldrists.

Why choosing ProGenea.com?



Our service of preliminary research is the only one that covers 7 generations, with the identification of approximately 126 ancestors. Most genealogical research services in Portugal have a basic-research service of only 5 generations with the identification of 30 ancestors.


Research reports always include a genealogical description based on the collected data, illustrated with genealogical trees created with the help of appropriate and specific software. The information on that genealogical description is entirely supported by photocopies of the documents researched (which are attached to the report) with the appropriate quotes and footnotes references, following the rules of scientific texts.


As professional genealogists, we were the first in Portugal to adopt the code of ethics of the  Association of Professional Genealogists.



The designs and paintings created by ProGenea.com's heraldrists are unique works of art. Each illuminated coat of arms, ex-libris and genealogical tree is an exclusive production hand-drawn and illumintaed by specialized artists, who rigorously follow the strict rules of heraldry design. On every heraldry consulting service, we follow the principles of accuracy and scientificity.